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Three reasons why you should use Everything ICT

  1. Compliance

  2. Protection

  3. Making your life easier

1.  Compliance


The framework in an OJEU Tendered procurement framework, compliant with all UK laws, regulations and guidance. 


In addition to the rigorous OJEU tendering process, the framework has been evaluated by the DfE’s Commercial Services Team (CST). This included taking references from schools, MATs, FE colleges and universities. It is now one of the frameworks for ICT recommended by the DfE. 


In addition to scrutiny from the DfE, the framework contract has been evaluated by lawyers and procurement professionals from The Welsh Government, the MoD, 4 NHS Trusts, 21 local authorities, dozens of MATs, hundreds of schools, as well as FE colleges and universities. 


You’re in good company when you choose to use Everything ICT.



2.  Protection


When you use Everything ICT, your contract is with the framework, not with the supplier. This creates one of the biggest benefits of using the framework.  The framework acts as an ‘insurance policy’ if things go wrong.


To ensure delivery and a quality service, we don’t pay a supplier until you’ve signed off the work and paid the framework. That means that if something goes wrong, it’s our problem to fix on your behalf. You don’t have to worry, or fix the problem yourself.  We’ll take care of it for you.


There have been a number of instances where we’ve had to intervene for customers. Like when the courier dropped the laptops off the back of a lorry; or the devices that were stolen in transit; or the managed service provider who was doing a consistently poor job so we had to replace them, all at no additional cost to the schools involved.


One of the unique features of the framework is that it is a Managed Dynamic Procurement Framework.  That means we can add new suppliers when new products or services are introduced, or when customers ask us to add preferred suppliers.  It also means that we can remove suppliers if they fail to deliver or break the rules.  We get to cherry -pick the good ones and we’re not stuck with the bad ones.


Over 120 suppliers have been through the framework evaluation process.  Not all have made it.  Those that have been successful have been through a rigorous evaluation process including us taking references, and they must agree to the full terms and conditions of the framework, including:


  • The costs of the framework are borne by the supplier, not the customer. The framework is completely free for you to use.

  • To ensure value for money, suppliers can’t join the framework unless they agree that the framework will be the cheapest route for a customer to buy their products or services. In practise that means a customer can’t buy cheaper even if they go direct to the supplier, or through another reseller channel.

  • Suppliers must demonstrate how they will deliver innovation, customer service, and value for money for framework customers.

  • Suppliers must also agree to all the relevant Government contract requirements to demonstrate compliance (e.g. Equal Opportunities, Modern Slavery, GDPR and DBS checking).


Our suppliers are benchmarked regularly on cost, quality and service.  We typically benchmark suppliers every 6 months, though some customers ask for benchmarking more frequently for specific items.


While we have over 100 suppliers on the framework, we are not owned by or beholden to any of them.  That means we can offer independent and impartial advice


3.  Making your life easier


The framework was designed to make your life easier.  If you know what you want and need, it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Tell us what you want

  2. We’ll get your quotes

  3. You sign our electronic order form

  4. You send us your Purchase Order number

  5. We get the suppliers to deliver


To make your life even easier, if you know exactly what you want and which supplier you want to use, if they are on the framework you can ‘Direct Award’. This means you don’t have waste time and effort getting multiple quotes.  You can do this because framework suppliers have already been evaluated and pre-approved.


If you know what you want but don’t have a supplier preference, we’ll do the legwork of getting multiple quotes for you to choose from.


If you’re not sure what you want and need, we can recommend trusted suppliers to advise you. They can help with everything from specific technical details to fully managed ICT strategies.


All of this saves you time and money on procurement.  Often our quotes can be turned around in 24 hours because we know who to talk to and have great working relationships to call on, and we know they deliver on value for money.



Summary of Benefits


In summary, the benefits to you, the customer, include:


  • Compliance with purchasing regulations.

  • Protections when things go wrong.

  • Choose from over 100 pre-checked suppliers, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco, SMART, Promethean and niche providers.

  • Save time with quotes which are relevant to you.

  • Save money with reduced pricing through national deals.

  • Multiple quotes or direct awards.

  • Better value through suppliers benchmarked on cost, quality and service

  • Free advice on cloud solutions, relevant suppliers, procurement regulations and tendering processes.

  • Pre-agreed terms and conditions.



If you’re thinking of buying ICT for your organisation, before you do, get in touch.  We’ll make your life easier and you’ll be in very good company.

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