Computeam is a specialist IT managed service provider to the Education Sector with a 20-year track record. We’re passionate about improving education outcomes using technology and we currently work with hundreds of schools across the country to provide IT support, internet services, cybersecurity, networking and a range of training services.

Cyber Security Services

Computeam offers an extensive range of cybersecurity services for schools:

  • We protect networks from external threats with managed firewalls and anti-virus on end user devices. We also protect and safeguard users wherever they are, with our innovative cloud based filtering platform.

  • We mitigate risk through automated data backup and rapid disaster recovery services, including on-premise and cloud-to-cloud. We offer data encryption for mobile devices and will design and set data security polices across your email and storage systems.

  • We also support clients with GDPR compliance and accreditation to the well-respected Cyber-essentials standard.

Computeam is a Cyber Essentials Plus accredited organisation

Comprehensive data backup & award-winning anti-virus
Your school data is a precious asset that needs to be protected from viruses, malware and accidental loss. We will sit down with you and design a backup strategy that meets your particular needs and budget. Our services include:

  • Automated cloud-based backup for critical data

  • Fast restore options for disaster recovery planning

  • Award-winning anti-virus on servers and endpoints

  • Advanced threat detection to protect you against ransomware

Protect data across multiple devices
Data breaches can cause significant legal and financial difficulties for schools. Our encryption software will protect data on multiple devices for each user (desktop, laptop, USB drives) and can even encrypt email for secure communications with third parties.

Secure remote access to your network and data
Most schools rely on the convenience of remote access to their applications including MIS systems, but weak passwords can leave them exposed. Our 2-factor authentication system secures remote systems with a secondary access code generated via your mobile phone or other device.

Track adherence to the GDPR and manage data requests
With regulations becoming more complex, especially around data security, all schools need to have the right systems and processes in place to comply. We understand the requirements and can provide a helping hand in ensuring all aspects of IT in your school are compliant now, and in the future.

St Martin's Church of England Primary & Nursery School

“We feel safe in the knowledge that all our children are fully protected. We know that the cloud solution provided by Computeam is working all the time, in the background, keeping us safe and notifying us of any safeguarding issues that can then be sensitively addressed before they can escalate.”

Iain Olive, IT Specialist & Website Management

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