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Whether your data is on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud, Redstor’s pioneering InstantDataTM, provides on-demand access, allowing you to stream it in real-time to any device, making downtime a thing of the past.


Backup, Recovery, Archiving, Migration and DR can be managed through a single web-based control centre, empowering IT departments whilst reducing costs, simplifying deployment and billing, improving security and compliance and providing borderless visibility of your entire data estate.

Why Redstor?

With Redstor you can easily select all data for protection and utilise Insight and industry-leading reporting to ensure all of the correct data is being backed up, ensuring your backup regime is in line with data protection legislation and regulations such as the GDPR.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Built-in cloud Archiving allowing you to free up space on primary storage

  • No hardware requirement or need for upfront investment

  • Intelligent Search and Insight to discover, search and action the entirety of your data

  • Rapid, on-demand streamed recoveries of data with InstantDataTM

  • Protection for cloud data such as M365 and Google Workspace

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Recover from ransomware in a few clicks

With Redstor you can quickly and easily recover your data in the event of data loss, corruption or even after a ransomware infection takes hold.


Watch the demo below to see just how quickly you could recover from ransomware.

Protecting SaaS data

With more users than ever working remotely, organisations are more reliant than ever on cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace and the data created in them is vital to business operations.

Despite some common misconceptions this data is not backed up automatically by Microsoft or Google, who instead prioritise platform availability.

Redstor enables you to backup and protect this critical data in as little as 15-minutes, ensuring protection from loss and corruption and aiding with compliance.

G Suite and Microsoft 365
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