Specialist ICT procurement framework for the Public Sector

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A framework agreement is an arrangement that a ‘contracting authority’ (e.g. a public sector buying organisation) makes with suppliers of goods, works or services. It sets the terms under which you can make purchases from suppliers.



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Please click the button below to see the Framework Tender response. It explains in detail how the framework works in practise, including sections on ICT equipment, network infrastructure, cyber-security and software licensing. It also includes a number of case studies and customer quotes that you might find useful. 

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It saves you time, resources and money, because:

  • It has already been through a full competitive tender process and evaluated against criteria including cost, quality and service 

  • It has favourable terms and conditions for the customer

  • It has been reviewed by the DfE, MoD, Cabinet Office, numerous Local Authority and MATs

  • Everything ICT can give you procurement advice and support (if you want it)

  • You can buy direct, without having to get three quotes or go out to tender

  • Everything ICT provides guarantees and can replace suppliers who fail to deliver

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Who can use Everything ICT?

Everything ICT was originally set up to support schools, Multi-Academy Trusts and Local Authorities supporting schools.  Because of the success of the approach of the framework, it has now been extended to cover any Public Sector organisation including:

  • 25 Ministerial Departments

  • 20 Non ministerial departments

  • 392 Government agencies and other public bodies

  • 12 Public corporations

  • 3 Devolved administrations

  • 349 Councils 

A full list can be found by clicking on the links below:

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What can I buy through Everything ICT?

The general answer is anything related to IT.  Most Public Sector organisations work with Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes.  The CPV codes you can access through Everything ICT are:

  • 30000000 - Office and computing machinery, equipment and supplies except furniture and software packages

  • 31000000 - Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting

  • 32000000 - Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment

  • 32412000 - Communications network

  • 32412110 - Internet network

  • 32412120 - Intranet network

  • 32421000 - Network cabling

  • 32420000 - Network equipment

  • 48000000 - Software package and information systems

  • 50300000 - Repair, maintenance and associated services related to personal computers, office equipment, telecommunications and audio-visual equipment

  • 50312300 - Maintenance and repair of data network equipment

  • 51600000 - Installation services of computers and office equipment

  • 64200000 - Telecommunications services

  • 64227000 - Integrated telecommunications services

  • 72000000 - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

  • 72222300 - Information technology services

  • 72224000 - Project management consultancy services

  • 72246000 - Systems consultancy services

  • 79000000 - Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security

  • 80000000 - Education and training services

  • 09300000 - Electricity, heating, solar and nuclear energy

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How do I get started?

If you're ready to buy, the easiest thing to do is ask.  Click on the link, answer a few simple questions about what it is you want and we'll get straight on to it for you. 


If you'd just like to know more about the framework, how it works, our products, services and solutions, or any of our suppliers, please get in touch at info@everythingict.org