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Compliant procurement.
Great customer service.

Everything ICT is used by dozens of NHS organisations such as University Hospitals, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Ambulance Services, and Foundation Trusts to get quick, easy, and compliant access to the IT products and services they want and need.

Please get in touch. We aim to contact 80% of people within the hour and everyone within 4 working hours. 

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"Quick and dependable"

Siyanda Mkweli

What is Everything ICT?

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Everything ICT is a fully compliant procurement framework for the Public Sector.

We regularly support NHS organisations with procurements ranging from a single laptop, right the way through to multi-million pound, multi-year support contracts. We have a number of specialist Health suppliers on the framework. You can direct award or run a mini-competition. Our experienced team will work with you through every step of the process.

What can I buy through Everything ICT?

Anything and everything related to ICT including:

  • Hardware  (laptops, desktops, tablets, etc...)

  • Software  (MIS, Safeguarding, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, ...)

  • AV  (Interactive boards, projectors ...)

  • Connectivity  (Broadband, 4G, 5G, ...)

  • Infrastructure  (WiFi, cabling, network management, ...)

  • Cloud Services  (Cloud hosting, backup, VoIP,...)

  • Managed Services  (On-site technicians, remote help desk, ...)

  • Consultancy  (Strategy development, technical audits, ...)

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We have over 150 pre-approved suppliers on the framework, with new ones applying to join all the time.

How do I buy through Everything ICT?

The two routes are Direct Award and Mini-Competition.

Direct Award

If the supplier you want to use is already approved on the framework, and we can demonstrate value for money, then you can direct award through Everything ICT.


If you need three quotes, or you want to see what different suppliers have to offer, we can run a mini-competition for you.

In either case, your contract is with us, not the supplier. That means that if something goes wrong, it's our responsibility to help sort it out. It's one of the main benefits of using the framework.

What happens when I press 'Get a Quote'?

A very simple contact form opens. Fill in some basic pieces of information:

  • Your name

  • Organisation name

  • Your work email address

  • The best telephone number to get you on

  • A brief description of what you want

When you press send, one of the Customer Service Team will pick up your message. If it requires specialist knowledge, your request will be sent to the relevant person.

Either way, someone will call you back within 4 working hours to introduce themselves, make sure they've understood your requirements, gather any additional information, and let you know the next steps.

Meet the Customer Services Team

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