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The clock is ticking. Start your MIS procurement today

With potentially thousands of MIS renewals taking place before March 2025, Arbor and Bromcom, and other suppliers, have released articles emphasising the importance of initiating the selection process early to allow ample time to select, migrate and integrate a new MIS.

With many schools and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) already exploring alternative MIS solutions, the urgency to act has only intensified. Avoid potentially missing out on your preferred MIS solution by starting the process now. Doing so will not only enhance your chances of securing the best-fit-for-future-purpose MIS solution but also allow sufficient time for migration, integration and training.

Compliant MIS procurement

As a DfE-recommended procurement framework, Everything ICT can support your MIS procurement from start to finish. With us, you’ll have a personal project manager and the assurance that, because we’re procurement compliant, you’ll have an MIS solution selection process that meets all relevant legal requirements and standards while prioritising the functionality, integration, and scalability vital for schools and MATs.

Having been trusted over the last three years to support over 100 education establishments, from single schools to the largest national MATs, procure their MIS systems, we have the experience, understanding and knowledge to support your MIS requirements.

Don't wait – contact one of our team today to start the process ……. and avoid the risk of unintentionally falling into another three-year contract.


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